What Is The Different Type Of Metal Detector?

Metal detectors are basically the devices that have been designed in such a way so that they can find the metal that has been buried under the sand, grass, floor in a convenient way. These days most of the youngsters are selecting this as their profession, and even some of the people use them as their hobby.

This danish metaldetector guide will help you better understand the various types of the metal detector in a better way. After the complete research and analysis, there has been a different type of metal detectors that have been manufactured; their classification is based on how they are used and in finding which type of the substance.

Very low-frequency metal detector

These are the first type of metal detector that is found in the market. These detectors have two types of the coils:

  • A transmitter coil that helps in creating the magnetic field
  • A detector coil that helps in sensing any kind of the disturbance

Pulse induction detector

These are other types of the metal detector that is found in the market; they just have a single coil that created a differentiation with the metal as mentioned above the detector. The single coil present in this metal detector helps transit the magnetic field and helps detect the conductive material.

Specialty detector

This is the third type of metal detector that area available in the market. These are the detector that is just the multi-frequency detectors, gold detectors, and water proof detectors.

  • If we talk about the multi frequency detector, then they are mainly ideal for the professionals who enjoy the detection of the metals at various locations.
  • Gold metal detectors have been mainly designed so that they are primarily known for detecting gold.
  • Another option is the waterproof detectors designed in such a manner that they help detect the metal under the river.