TOP Unit Converter Applications

Surely, there will be unexpected times at work, home or even school where we have to convert units. Doing such is not an easy task and can be very difficult without the right tool or device. But the good news is that we can now easily and accurately convert units with just a few clicks on our mobile devices. Nowadays, there are lots of unit converter apps that we can use so we can convert units the right way. Hence, here are some of the top unit converter applications that you can download in your phone:

  • Converter Units for Free

Are you looking for a unit converter application without any fee? Well, the app Converter Units for Free lives up to its name. This app is free to download and it allows you to create custom conversion. This means that whatever unit you want, you can convert it freely such as 38 cm to inches . As a matter of fact, this app has been downloaded millions of times already by users across the globe.

  • Converter Plus

Another popular converter is Converter Plus. Surely, mortgage rates calculation is never easy so with the help of this app, doing such will be done easier for you. It is also free to download and it only has 7 MB size

  • XE Currency

If you are looking for the best unit converter app for iPhone, then this app is the right one for you. This is the best unit converter for currencies. It also includes updated rates for currency and precious metals as well. You can use this app in any language that you prefer.

  • Convert App

Last on our list is Convert App. This app provides you unit conversion in data, volume, power, speed and so many more. It is also considered as a great calculator and converter for groups and individuals.