The Most Talked About Sheer Foundations For Oily Skin Revealed

One of the most important part of preparing your skin or your face for makeup is having the right skin care regimen to have that clean and clear base before applying the makeup products, and being able to accomplish these tasks you should first need to analyze your skin type or skin condition. If you already know whether you have sensitive skin, acne prone skin, normal skin, oily skin or combination then you’ll be able to get the right kinds of skin care essentials and makeup products that will work well with your skin type.

You can take expert assistance in getting the information that how you can permanently get rid of the oily skin. They will provide you the best measure in learning that how to get rid of oily skin forever. The best skin is available to the individuals. There is no need to apply foundation on the skin. 

In terms of makeup, foundation is definitely a necessity for most women and of course for professional makeup artists like me. It provides a fresh and flawless canvass to work the makeup and colors on, as it evens the skin tone and texture or any discolorations and it can also hide blemishes, acnes and wrinkles depending on the coverage of foundation you choose. One type of foundation that you should always have in your kit is a sheer foundation; it has just the right consistency and coverage for daily use.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

Some people say and assume that when you have oily skin, you should automatically shy away from moisturizers. It’s not the case as makeup products nowadays have come up with different formulations for foundations and moisturizers to have just the right balance with your oily skin. Even with tinted moisturizers, you only need to look for two words when choosing the right product—‘oil-free’ or ‘water-based’. I am personally a fan of tinted moisturizers and especially with the brand Laura Mercier, not only myself but a lot of beauty gurus online swear by this product. It gives a sheer natural coverage, and has a nice lasting finish. It can cover some skin discolorations and mild blemishes, but it also best to wear with concealer for a more acne and blemish prone skin. For an overall matte look, set it with powder to totally eliminate some of the dewy finish it gives.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup

One of the best formulations to use when you have oily skin is a powder foundation, especially when you just want a natural finish with just the enough coverage. Bobbi Brown is one of most raved brand of makeup products when it comes to their foundation line as it caters different skin types really well. Their Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup has received high ratings and reviews from beauty forums and websites and even online makeup stores such as It is weightless yet it improves the skin appearance while it conceals the oiliness of the face, perfect for your daily makeup routine and even for touchups.

Clarins Ever Matte Foundation

One of the high rated foundation products for oily skin at the beauty website is the Clarins Ever Matte Foundation. Users have said that this product has a very lightweight finish that has a buildable coverage from sheer to medium. It covers minor imperfections but still allows your skin to breathe. One of my favorite professional makeup artists, Lisa Eldridge ( recommends this foundation for women with oily skin who wants a natural sheer and matte finished look without looking overly done.

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation

Topping the list of the most mentioned sheer foundation for oily skin is the NARS Sheer Matte Foundation. It has been raved and greatly reviewed on beauty websites by loyal users and by bloggers as an amazing foundation product that works wonderfully on their oily skin. It has a modern formulation that enhances the complexion and still has that natural look. It has just the right consistency to even out skin tones, so if you have dark blemishes and acne, it is suggested to use a concealer with this product for better results. It leaves the skin matte without the cakey and heavy feeling, so it is great for daily use.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

I am an avid MAC user, but it doesn’t mean that I can give praises to all of their products. Though, I have to say that they have a number of cosmetic items that I have loved and repurchased and wouldn’t even think twice of recommending. One of those products would be the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. This product has worked amazingly for me and for my clients (most especially with oily skin). I am not the only one who would speak highly of this beauty staple as it also gathered a lot of remarkable reviews on online beauty communities like It is a pressed powder foundation that gives a really amazing coverage you can build from light/sheer to medium finish, it is very long lasting and it can withstand heat or humidity with just a few touchups. I also love the fact that it is so compact and easy to use as well, which can also be great for travel.