Some analytics tips that can help your WordPress website grow

Nowadays, people are tilting more and more towards WordPress website creation instead of coding based websites. People are tilted toward WordPress because they can easily design the website now within less period. It means that they have to invest less time, and also the options in front of them are very high out of which they can choose the best.

There are some sure shot tips which are provided by Google Analytics for those who are developing the WordPress website. They are mentioned below.

  • When a person is designing the WordPress website, then the first tip for them is to choose the proper format according to the UI and UX of the customers. If both aspects are high, then the engagement of the website will be high.
  • The next tip is related to the speed and the spacing of the website. Google Analytics is highly advised to the developers that they should keep a check on the loading speed of the website. If the website’s speed is low, then the customer will start to jump off from the site automatically.
  • The next tip is related to the content of the website. With google analytics, a person will know better which content there is the most engaging and which one is not. With that, you can produce more engaging content and try to improve the normal content too, which is less engaging.

These tips will surely help you design your WordPress site so that people come to the website. To get the knowledge better, you can complete the course of Digital garage and take the help of google digital garage quiz answers to pass the test to show your proficiency. This can help you get the job in the industry.