New Pokemon Nests Added Pokemon Go 7Th Nest Migration Just Happened

It’s been 13 days since the Last Pokemon GO Nest Migration, And the past 3 migrations were 14 days apart from each other, so it’s no surprise that PokemonGO Nest migration occurred today!

There’s been a change in Nest Migration since last 3 nest Migrations, if Pikachu Nest turned to Magnemite nest in Las Vegas, that doesn’t mean it will change to Magnemite in New York too!

But for now what you can do is, visit your Pokemon go account, it’s a great place for more details, since it’s updated frequently by Niantic, so you may get more ideas on what Pokemon Nest’s changed near you!

Lots of Pokemon Trainers are reporting new Nests in their Town, there’s a big chance that if you don’t have a Pokemon nest near you, you might get your own Pokemon Nest!

Here is what users are posting on Social Media:

My nestless town just got a nest!! Out of nowhere, Bulbasaur started spawning near the four pokestops and one gym near my house and I caught seven in the past hour or so! And it’s totally a nest — I ended up vacationing in NYC this year and farmed a slew of Magikarp’s at a Magikarp nest, so I’m not jumping the gun on this one. New nests!!

Has anyone else have a new nest coming into their area some days ago? I’m living in a town where there never was a nest, but a few days, exeggcutes started spawning. Now it’s dodus.

The park near my house just turned into a Charmander nest, there was no nest there before!

Here are few Nest Change reports made by users, note that this is not confirmed:

  • Machop -> Omanyte
  • Kabuto -> Pinsir
  • Machop -> Magikarp
  • Charmander -> Psyduck
  • Kabuto -> Magmar
  • Pikachu -> Duduo
  • Growlithe -> Pikachu
  • Voltorb -> Krabby
  • Shellder -> Magnemite
  • Ponyta -> Bulbasaur
  • Onix -> Psyduck
  • Growlithe -> Doduo
  • Growlithe -> Clefairy
  • Electabuzz -> Paris
  • Charmender -> Krabby

We will update our website as new info comes in for the 7th Great Pokemon Go Nest Migration, so make sure to visit later again.