Keratin Treatment For Hair Stylist – What is the treatment!!

Is a salon keratin treatment right for you? How should you choose a salon and stylist for your treatment? 

If you’ve researched straightening out your curly hair or taming your frizz, you know how confusing and overwhelming hair straightening and smoothing methods can be.

  • Will it lift your color?
  • Will it work on your hair type?
  • Do you want it totally straight, or maybe just a little less wavy?
  • Brazilian Blow Out or Japanese Straightening?
  • What about formaldehyde?

These are questions any good stylist should be able to help you with.

Keratin Treatment For Hair: Straight Talk

You may know what keratin treatments do, but how do they work?

Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in your hair, nails, and teeth. Hair that is heat-damaged or over-processed can be dry, brittle, and vulnerable, which can exacerbate frizziness or unruliness. A keratin treatment for hair involves infusing the hair with keratin, bonding it with straighteners to seal in the protein to make it shiny, healthy-looking, and smooth. A chemical solution (sometimes with formaldehyde) is added afterwards which alters your hair’s structure only semi-permanently.

Unlike Japanese hair straightening, which permanently straightens your hair (until new hair grows out), people who have keratin treatments can make their hair wavy again by letting it air dry. Keratin hair treatments are meant to smooth out curls and combat frizz, not actually make your hair straight. However, if they’re performed by a skilled stylist, they can reduce your curl by 50 to 80 percent. At the online search engine, you can know about the inoar keratin treatment reviews to have the desired results. The collection of the correct information is beneficial with the reviews. There is reduction in the curls with the treatment and therapy to have the best results.

Do Your Research

Any process that dramatically changes the structure of your hair is a process you don’t want to take lightly. There are as many kinds of keratin treatments as there are hair types, and navigating the vast variety can be daunting and overwhelming.

Many people think that there is only one outcome of keratin treatments: straight hair. This is simply not the case. Keratin treatments exist on a wide spectrum, and there is most likely a treatment that will suit you and your needs. How drastic a treatment is usually depends on how strong the keratin solution is: a mild solution should give very curly hair a wavy, beach bum look while a stronger solution will make it more straight. Check the online pages of style magazines, hair care forums, or even do a simple search to explore what kinds of treatment you might be interested in.

Once you’re more familiar with what options are out there, you’ll be able to assess whether or not certain stylists are a good fit for you.

Shop Around

If you know what brand or style of treatment you want, call around and find salons that perform a salon keratin treatment. Many brands, such as Brazilian Blowout, have online locators that pinpoint salons in your area that are experts in that brand’s treatment. Once you’ve found a salon that specializes in the treatment style you’re after, give them a call. The receptionist will be able to tell you which stylists are able to do keratin treatments for hair and what kind, but you shouldn’t expect him or her to give you detailed advice. For such an intense, time-consuming treatment, a good stylist will be happy to offer you a consultation before you commit to an appointment.

With haircuts or coloring, it’s easy to make an appointment without meeting the stylist first. With a keratin treatment for hair, it’s extremely important to have a consultation with your prospective stylist before taking the plunge. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you meet him or her:

Keratin treatment for hair: choosing a stylist checklist

Ask how many treatments he or she has done before. You’ll want someone who is experienced at performing the type of treatment you want, not a trainee who will use your precious hair as a guinea pig. Practice makes perfect, right?

Check his or her credentials. Stylists must take classes and become certified to perform keratin treatments, no matter what brand it is—anyone who isn’t certified is a huge liability.

Ask if they have any before or after shots from previous appointments. Many stylists keep examples of past clients to show to future ones. If there are no pictures, they might have performed the treatment on one of their colleagues that you can speak to.

Will the solution they use have formaldehyde? If so, make sure they have the appropriate ventilation and masks—if—required for the treatment.

To see if you’re allergic to any component in the solution they’ll be using on your scalp, most stylists will be willing to do a “spot test” on your skin. It’s good to make sure beforehand or you might regret it later.

Talk to your stylist about maintenance and care for after the treatment. Most keratin treatments require you to take a strictly hands-off approach to hair care up to three days afterwards. That means not washing, styling or even touching your hair for a few days.

While undergoing a keratin treatment is a big decision that requires a lot of thought and planning, it’s a small price to pay for many women who struggle to style their wild manes every day. Expensive, time-consuming, keratin treatments are worth their weight in gold for some, transforming hours of blow-drying and styling to mere minutes. Though it’s a dramatic process, getting a keratin treatment for hair might be just what you need.