How The Climate Change & the Carbon Footprint Co-Related

The traces of greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are referred to as carbon footprint. The environmental indicator measures both indirect and direct emissions of the compounds, of which the most important and biggest contributor to global warming is carbon dioxide. So, Climate Change & the Carbon Footprint has a close relation. 

As per the records and surveys, greenhouse gas concentrations in the environment reached their high in 2019. Today’s level of atmospheric CO2 is equal to those of more than three million years ago when the temperature of the earth was higher than sea level. The carbon footprint has not stopped from increasing, and it is increased eleven times since 1961, and it accounts for 60% of man’s total impact on climate change and the environment.

The Personal Carbon Footprint 

The personal carbon footprint is what you leave behind or releases due to moving about, eating, consuming, and using resources like electricity. According to the survey, every individual on this planet produces an average of almost four tons of CO2 every year, but in developing countries, the amount is more than four times per person per year. 

Since Climate Change & the Carbon Footprint has a close relation, it becomes necessary that we all take initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint to minimize it to two tons per year by 2050. As per the experts, it is the most effective way to reduce the temperature from rising, and it is the major cause of climate change. Ignoring it may cause extreme climate changes and transform it into an irreparable issue in the future. 

So, all users and citizens must reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to the environment’s betterment. You must look online for more steps and ways to reduce the carbon footprint and minimize your carbon footprint in the environment.