How Can You Get Rid Of Moths

Do you have small holes in your clothes or laundry? Then chances are that moths have caused those. A moth is a butterfly. They are approximately twice as small as the butterflies that you see outside in the garden and they have a brown or gray color. You can also recognize them by speed. A regular butterfly gently flutters through the garden, while a month seems to go totally crazy in your house. How do they make holes in your clothes and how can you get rid of moths? You can read the answer in this article.

Moths? Get rid of them!

The moth itself is usually not the problem. The larvae are the ones damaging your laundry. A female moth lays between fifty and a hundred larvae at once. These larvae stay small for approximately four to six months and then they mature into a full-grown moth. There are several types of moths and not all moths damage to your clothes. The brown house moths are the problematic ones. And these finally fresh reviews will help you in learning more about the effective ways to get rid of these moths.

The most important question to ask is: how can I get rid of moths? The best solution is to prevent the larvae from settling in your clothes. Larvae tend to do really well on clothes with sweat, urine, or grease stains. Make sure that you do not hang clothes with stains like these back in your closet. Wash them first and make sure the stains are all gone.

Another solution is to use cedarwood. The smell of cedarwood is pleasant for people (it smells a bit like the forest), but moths find it absolutely disgusting. You can buy cedarwood online or at your local drug store.

Lemon shells and lavender have the same effect. You can hang up a little ventilating linen bag. It makes your clothes smell wonderful and it keeps the moths out of your closet.

There are also chemical solutions to the problem. Back in the day, you could buy mothballs, but these days they are forbidden because of the chemicals that were used in mothballs. There still is a range of chemical products to choose from. If you Google: anti-moth, you will get plenty of results.

There are also extra precautions that you can use against moths. The following things might be interesting:

Wash your clothes regularly. Clean clothes are not interesting for moths;

Especially woolen clothes are often the victim of moths. If you are not wearing your woolen clothes for a long time, then put it in a plastic bag;

Are your clothes already damaged by moths? Then put the clothes in the freezer or leave them in the sun for a long time. Moths can not handle sunlight and the cold of a freezer;

Clean out your closet near the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall. This is the period in which the moth lays its eggs.

These tips should be sufficient to help you keep your house moth-free. Good luck!