Household Cleaning Homemaking

The purpose of keeping a clean house is to make it a comfortable, safe, attractive home. Notice the change there from house to home? There is no feeling better than walking into a neat, clean smelling house after a hard day at work, or shopping, or just yard work. The only feeling that even comes close is when unexpected company or your in-laws stop by and you don’t have to worry about a thing because everything is in its place.

In the real world the average homemaker has dozens and probably closer to hundreds of other things that she is doing simultaneously while trying to maintain her home. Multitasking on steroids for sure. For this reason a rigid schedule is nothing but a pressure producer. Some homes are easier to clean than others. A small home with a big family is much harder to keep clean than a large home. A newer home with more durable cleaning surfaces and less wear is easier to clean than an older home with all the inherent problem areas that an older home has.

A clean house even means different things to different people. Some people feel that a house is only clean if it ready to be photographed for a magazine cover. Other people feel that a clean house is a home that has a lived in look and is clean enough that you can comfortably sit down, with the kitchen clean enough that the family may comfortably eat the food prepared there and that the home is free of rodents and other infestations.

Most of us are probably between the two examples listed. We wish to have a comfortable, neat home that is clean, but not magazine cover perfect.The number one step to getting your home clean and keeping it that way is organization. Lets face it ladies, we women are better organizers than men! We have it made in the shade. Remember that organization is key.

The number two-step to maintaining a wonderfully clean and neat house is clutter control and hydrogen peroxide plants gnats. We have too many items in our homes. Not only do we have too many, they are all important to us. At first glance it is unthinkable to get rid of any of our precious possessions. We bought them, or received them from someone special. So hard-earned money was spent on them, some of the items are without a doubt keepers, well that takes care of 5% and at most 10% of our things! What about the rest? Just because we buy something that we thought we wanted and maybe even used 10 years ago is no reason, I repeat no reason to continue to protect, house and clean it until death do we part!

The number three-step is prevention. What, you may ask, do I mean by preventing housework? How in the world does one do that? What I mean is simple, pick up as you go along Put every item back where it belongs as soon as you are done using it. What? You don’t have a specific place for this item or that. Remember step one? While you are decluttering- you are also finding a specific home for every item in your home.Throw trash in the trash can, if you see something that is a little bit messy, straighten it. Moms, this is NOT only your job. Delegate and follow through. Once you kids are over the age of toddler hood they are capable of helping and they should understand that it is expected of them.

Step number four is the use of professional cleaning methods. The professionals reduce the time spent cleaning by a minimum of 50%, but actually closer to 75%. Please note that I said methods, and not professional strength chemicals.In future articles I will go into more detail for each of the 4 steps listed above. Additionally I will provide you with some general schedules, or idea sheets on how to get your home clean and keep it the way you want it to look.

There are few steps which the people should follow in case they want their house neat and clean to look effortless, they must organize. Organisation in such a way that you find everything you need, a clutter of objects is never good and can cause unnecessary chaos and could lead to the infestation of unwanted insects and rodents.