Get Certified As A Life Coach With The Best Life Coach Certification Programs

Being a life coach can be a very fulfilling profession. After all, you are going to be helping people in setting their life straight and guiding them toward their goals. This is achieved through close coaching, assisting with changes in lifestyle, and giving them encouragement. If you want to be a life coach and be able to help other people, we got you covered.

In this article, we will help you find the best life coach certification Canada programs. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching 

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching is an ICF accredited coaching certification program that allows you to earn a total of three different life coaching certification in just a single certification program. Aside from that very sweet deal, they also have good resources and tools to assist you in training and they also provide live classes once every three months.

With that said, this certification is more expensive than the other programs, and it will take you a few months to conclude. Additionally, the lessons are not self-paced, which means that you cannot progress as you want. You have to adhere to a schedule, which can a disadvantage to people who have other things to do.

  1. Institute for Life Coach Training Professional Certification 

If you want a more thorough life coach training certification program that will teach you a lot of things, give this institute a try. They have a very detailed and intensive program that takes 18-24 months to finish. They offer elective classes without additional charges and like the life coach training program mentioned above, they are approved by the ICF. This course will require you to commit 5 hours of your time every week and can be very expensive.