Different Parameters That Are Available In Auto Clicker Application

Complete guide on the various parameters of the auto clicker application; there are various types of auto clicker softwares available as an option for the people; they can select the one they think is best as per their requirement. There is a specific parameter that can be noticed by the person while using the auto clicker application.


  • Number of clicks


The first thing that the person must check while selecting the application is the number of clicks. The user will just have to specify the total number of the clicks; the auto clicker for iphone will automatically click the number of times the user has selected.


  • Type of the click


Not only will the number of clicks that matter for the person, but the person also have to take the decision regarding the type of click the user wants. The user will have to select the various clicks like the right click, left click, or middle-click. 

On the other hand, in some kind of clicker application, the user has the option to make the selection between the single click and then the double click.


  • Time delay


This is the feature provided by most auto clickers; in this, the user will have to specify the consecutive time between the two available clicks.


  • Location of the cursor


This is basically the location of the screen where the user wants the screen to stop automatically. The user can either enter the coordinates on the screen or, on the other hand, they can just go for the current location of the cursor.


  • Hotkey


Another widely used feature offered by the auto click application is the hotkey; this feature is used primarily to trigger the clicking process, especially when the user is playing the game.

The above mentioned are some of the features that are offered by the various auto clicker applications.