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Stamped concrete is concrete that is mostly placed in places like roads and some other places where there is so much crowd. This material is used to make stones, tiles, and so many other things. Suppose you are thinking to do it on your own, then you can do this. There are some of the steps through which you can make things using stamped concrete; let’s discuss them.

  • Use colour hardener 

After buying concrete and applying it after everything, you have to spread the colour hardener on it. The colour hardener will; be dry, and you have to leave it for 10 mins. The colour hardener will absorb the concrete. Don’t forget to shake the colour hardener before applying and spread it around all the edges.

  • Use release agent

The release agent will help us to remove the colour hardener making the concrete more strong. The releasing agent will be applied as you need a brush and dip- it into the bucket of the releasing agent and apply it to the place where you have spread the concrete.

  • Check whether the concrete is ready

After doing all these things, you should check that the concrete is ready or not. Before beginning the stamping part, you should check whether the concrete is ready or not because if the concrete is not ready and you start stamping, then it will create so many problems in the future.

  • Check the diameter and place the stamps

After drying the place, you have to calculate the diameter of the area where you want to insert the stamps, and after that, place the stamps on it. You should be careful about the edges and the corners of that place as you need to make the stamps according to that.


These are the steps that will help you to insert stamped concrete at any place. Using these steps, you can insert this stamped concrete on your own.

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