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The general difference between white vein and red vein kratom (in addition to the actual appearance of the leaves themselves) is that white vein kratom comes from Sumatra and has more of a stimulating effect than its red vein relative. White vein kratom capsules have been known to produce euphoric effects while adding to the body’s natural endurance levels.

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Because of its ability to enhance endurance and provide lasting energy, white vein kratom is traditionally used by day-laborers, and as an herbal stimulant to help with training and working out. When taking white vein kratom capsules, our customers often report feeling more active and seeing a noticeable improvement in their day-to-day productivity. As with many other types of Kratom capsules – a little goes a long way, and since the potency of our Kratom is rigorously checked and tested at each stage of harvest and processing, you’ll feel the results right away. That’s the benefit of having Kratom delivered fresh in an easy-to-take capsule.

Traditionally, white vein Kratom from Indonesia has been used to help treat depression, and on occasion, natives will blend both white and red vein kratom to experience a broader spectrum of results, as both contain different alkaloids which have differing effects on the brain. Although we do not mix our kratom strains, you’re welcome to try both red and white varieties as they do not interact with each other or produce conflicting side effects.

Getting the highest quality white vein kratom depends highly on a number of factors – such as the topography of the soil where the kratom is grown, the climate, any adverse effects along the growing season (such as drought or floods) and even the time of year when the leaves are picked for harvest. This is why we rigorously check every batch of Kratom before, during and after processing to ensure tha each shipment lives up to our high standards (and the standards of our customers!) We know you have high expectations – and we aim to deliver! If you’re looking for a more energizing, more vibrant strain of Kratom to try – or you just need a “pick me up” without the “crash” of caffeine or sodas, give our convenient white vein Kratom capsules a try.

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