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The horoscopes that are published daily in newspapers, magazines and on online websites are the ones most often seen and read by people at large, and they are therefore probably the best known form of astrology. It is a sad fact, however, that the people who read and believe in these horoscopes do not realise that, without having a personal horoscope compatibility chart drawn up specifically for them, these mass-media horoscopes will have very little bearing on their lives, no matter how they are interpreted.

Those people who are serious students of astrology will be aware that the Western Horoscope (which is the form of interpretation most commonly used today) matches the Zodiac sign under which a person is born to other elements in their birth chart, and that this requires an educated approach and interpretation in order for the reading to be worthwhile.

Now it needs to be mentioned that astrology is no child’s play as most people would be aware of as Western horoscope is pretty different from Indian horoscope because these two are the most renowned of all in the entire world as the zodiac sign simply denotes their luck while the stars and their positioning given in their birth chart is to predict their future and not something as simple as 333 angel number or 666 is the devil’s advocate.

Most people who think they are interested in astrology are typically only interested at a superficial level, and this includes, of course, reading the mass-produced horoscopes described above. Many of these people read their horoscopes every single day (and generally at the same time too), so the horoscope of their choice is written by one clairvoyant (i.e. whoever “writes” for their favourite newspaper of magazine), thus giving a feeling of continuity.

In this way, these people are able to attribute personal meaning to the interpretation as it flows from one day to the next, and often believe that they are being given signs of how to lead their lives, how to deal with particular situations and how to make the right choices. These people enjoy a basic understanding of how to interpret their horoscopes and they generally do this on a subconscious level in order to satisfy their needs and belief in the system.

If you have your own personal horoscope drawn up, it will frequently include a compatibility chart that will help you focus on how compatible you are with people born under the various sun signs of the Zodiac. The goal of all this, in theory at least, is to enable you to make better choices about the people you associate with and those with whom you may choose to form a relationship. These compatibility charts are drawn up to help you not only in choosing the right life partner, but also to guide you in the interpersonal relationships you may develop with both business colleagues and members of your own family.

There are scores of Internet sites that offer such horoscope services (i.e. to see if you are compatible with someone), but most of them are so simplistic that they have virtually no bearing on the true science of astrology or the practitioners who have studied the subject at length and who therefore have an encyclopedic understanding of the subject.

On the one hand, if you wish to have a little harmless fun, by all means click on some of these free sites to see what your readings tell you about yourself.

If, on the other hand, you want to take the science of astrology and its benefits seriously, sign up with someone who is sufficiently knowledgeable to produce a horoscope compatibility chart for you and who will give you a personal reading that will most assuredly be serious and to your advantage.