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The Mega Gengar Mega Raid is a new feature in Pokémon Go that has become quite popular among trainers. In this article, we’ll be going over how to catch and train the mega-evolved Pokémon.

Mega Gengar

Gengar is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game. It’s a fast, hardy Pokémon with a high base Attack stat. Its special attacks are also strong. Mega Gengar is the only version of Gengar that exists naturally in the wild; it was discovered during a recent Mega Evolution experiment.

It’s a fairly easy Pokemon to catch as well, but you may need a bit more time than usual if you’re just starting out. However, once you get accustomed to how to use your items, it shouldn’t take too long to capture this monster.

How to Catch Mega Gengar

So, how do you go about catching a Mega Gengar? Well, there are two main ways. The first way is to use a lure module. You can pick up a Lure Module from Professor Willow or by using an Eggotron. You will have to complete multiple steps to complete the process.

After using the lure module for a while, a Gengar will appear in the area. You’re then given the option to either let it battle you or catch it. If you choose to fight it, you’ll have to win three consecutive battles before you can catch it. If you don’t want to put in the effort, you can simply run away instead and wait for it to reappear.

If you choose to catch it, you’ll need to throw a Pokeball at it. When it appears, it’ll say “Catch!” on screen. After doing so, it will evolve into Mega Gengar. This takes a few minutes to do and can sometimes take hours depending on how many other people are looking for a Gengar. Once it evolves, it’ll disappear and you’ll lose it forever.

How to Train Mega Gengar

Once you’ve caught it, you can start training it up. To begin, you’ll need to start a gym. A quick way to get started is to walk around until you find someone who looks like they might be interested in joining your team. Once you’ve found a member, you can start a battle against them. If you defeat them, you’ll get a Gym badge.

You can continue battling members of gyms without any problems. However, you’ll need to keep fighting until all four of your badges are obtained. These badges can be earned in any order. Once you’ve got all four, you’ll be able to use the Gym Leader Training Center in Nimbasa City.

To access the center, head to Nimbus City and look for a blue building with a white roof. Inside, you should see a large number of trainers. You can select one of the trainers to begin.

When you enter the room, you’ll be asked to choose whether you want to train for strength, speed, defense, or attack. Select the one you think you’re strongest at, then press B to begin.

The trainer will then ask you a series of questions. For example, she will ask you what type of Pokemon you want to raise (like Grass or Fire). Then, she’ll ask what level you’d like it to be when it’s ready to battle. She’ll also tell you which types of moves you should teach it (like Attract or Confuse Ray). Finally, she’ll ask you how much experience you’d like it to have (like Level 5 or 10).

Select the appropriate answers and you’ll be prompted to input an egg name. Input a name and hit B to add it to your party. If you choose to use another egg, you won’t be able to add this one to your party. Repeat this procedure for each egg you wish to use.

How to Evolve Mega Gengar

Once you’ve trained your Pokemon to its maximum potential, you’ll receive a notification that it’s evolved. There are three different forms of evolution: Normal, Fighting, and Poison. Each form costs different things to evolve, but once you’ve evolved, you can only use that form of evolution.

Normal evolution costs 1,000 Stardust. Fighting evolution costs 2,500 Stardust, and Poison evolution costs 3,000 Stardust. In addition, you must have a fully-grown Pokemon in your party to evolve it.

Once evolution ends, you’ll gain a different move. For instance, after evolving into Normal Gengar, it will learn Double Team, which doubles the damage done by the next damaging move. If you decide to re-evolve it later, it will learn a different move.

The best part about these evolutions is that they never expire. You can always use the same Pokemon again to evolve it further.

If you choose to re-evolve your Pokemon, you can decide whether you want to use the same egg that you used for evolution or not. If you use the same egg, you’ll only get to evolve it once, since you cannot obtain another egg to use. However, if you use a different egg, you can re-evolve it as many times as you want. You can even use the same egg again to evolve it twice!

For example, if you use a normal Gengar egg and evolve it, you can use it again to evolve it into either Fighting or Poison Gengar. If you use a fighting Gengar egg, you can use it again to evolve it into either Fighting or Poison Gengar. So, if you use both eggs as well, you could evolve it into Fighting Gengar twice and then into Poison Gengar twice.

You can also switch between the three forms of evolution at any point. If you want to change back to normal, you can simply use another egg. However, if you want to switch to a different form of evolution, you’ll have to use a different egg and repeat the whole process.

Finally, if you want to give Mega Gengar a nickname, you can. Just like regular Gengar, you can also use the same method used to create egg names. However, you can only use five letters for a nickname, so make sure you pick something short and sweet that doesn’t cause confusion.

With all this information, you now know how to catch and train Mega Gengar. While it’s a difficult Pokémon to catch, it’s extremely rewarding to evolve it. Plus, you can use the same egg to evolve into multiple different forms, making the entire process faster and easier.

A person can get the detail of the pokemon go account that will help in achieving the details. If the person will get a success rate then they can play the game efficiently. A person has to do the struggle to collect the available options. In the long run the option will prove to be a good one. Having the idea of the rules is matter of concern.

Interested in building a gaming PC in 2022? This might not be a very easy task if you have no clue where to begin. There are many tips and instructions you need to be aware of to build the setup for a gaming PC. These instructions are available online to better understand the setup process. Some tutorials can cover the entire hardware setup required to build this gaming PC in 2022. Some people also need to install OS or an operating system. 

Tips to Build a Gaming PC

Many informative online sources, including online videos, can help you build this brand new Gaming PC. These sources come up with the best tips for building a GAming PC in 2022. Some of these tips include: 

  • Please select the right CPU:

It is very important to choose the right CPU. It can help you to build the setup for a gaming PC better. It can be the drill sergeant for your computer helping it carry out any direction your computer program gives. Your CPU should have the best processor with it. 

  • Please select the best motherboard:

Once you have chosen the right CPU, it is time to purchase the best motherboard. It is the most crucial element used in building a gaming PC. It should have great stability and accommodate all necessary gaming activities. 

  • Best graphics card:

A graphics card is necessary. Without this card, no gaming PC can be built. This crucial aspect is relevant for the setup of the PC. 

Before building a gaming PC online, there are other important tips to keep in mind. It includes getting a DRAM with the best memory performance. Also, you need to buy the best SSD or Solid State Drive. This can fix all problems related to your computer and improve its performance. You can get enough information on the website. 

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We all loved our childhood days because we got the opportunity to get out of the house and play with our friends. But that is when the online era kicked in. What if we tell you that there is a game out there in the market that is a mix of online and outdoor games together? I’m sure all of us would love that. That game is Pogo Pokémon GO. The developers of this game are Nintendo, Niantic, and The Pokémon Company. This game is a collaboration with some of the best developers in town, it had to be a great one!

Moving to what the game was all about, this game quickly became the most downloaded game when it was released in 2016. Most critics liked the game and some did not. This game had a built-in map of the surroundings. Every player had to defeat the enemies (or Pokemon) that were displayed on the map. To destroy them, the player had to follow the direction on the map by actually getting out of the house and then reaching the location of the enemy. Most critics loved the idea and it also increased the sales of local markets but some critics thought that it increased the risks of accidents around because of how engrossed everyone was.

How Can You Get a Great Throw

When you play Pokémon the ultimate goal is to make a great throw and here’s how you can do it.

  • Figure out which Pokémon you want to catch and start going after it.
  • Once you’ve entered an encounter, check whether the circle around it is green or yellow.
  • Hold the ball till the time the circle around it doesn’t reach its largest radius.
  • Throw once you’ve made that happen.

Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Try it out today!!

While buying the gaming chair, you need to choose the one that is best which fits you. It is the chair that will complete your gaming setup and will look so good with that. But before buying an ergonomic office gaming chair, you have to keep some points in mind that you may find here!

Things to consider…

Here are some of the things that you need to consider in case you are looking for the best gaming chair then you need to consider these things that can help you in getting the best chair, and those are mentioned below-

Appearance and customization- 

If you will look for the coolest gaming chair then that may not be comfortable for you. That is why you need to look for a chair that makes you feel comfortable even if they do not look cool. But there are some chairs that are comfortable and also match your expectation of coolness. You can get the one that looks nice with your gaming set-up in your room.


Another thing that you need to consider while buying the gaming chair is the cost. There are so many different chairs which will have different features. You can make your budget and choose to but the one that fits in your budget perfectly. So that you will not have to face any problem while getting one, and you can tell the budget, and they will show the chairs according to your budget.

Extra features-

 While buying the gaming chair, you need to look for the different features you can get there. If you are buying one, you always consider the best one that will have many different features. You can get the one with Bluetooth, vibration capabilities, and other things, so if you have a big budget, you should consider that.

When it comes to the most intensive game, then League of Legends is the first game that comes in our mind. In case your GPU or processors are outdated, then you will not be able to play the League of Legends game. Make sure that you are using the powerful system that will help you in playing the game without facing any lagging-related issues. You will find a lot of people are already searching why do people still play league of legends? All you need to make contact with a professional gamer who will surely give you suggestions related to the system so you will be able to play your favorite game without facing any lagging-related issues. In the following important paragraphs, we are going to discuss important information about League of Legends FPS.

Customize The Game Settings

If you want to get the FPS boost in any game, then one will have to always lower the settings in graphics that will surely be able to give you a great FPS boost in case you are running outdated hardware. You should have access to powerful hardware where you can play your favorite game without facing any lagging-related issues. One can also make important changes in the system in case you are already getting the super low framerate. Make sure that you have access to the powerful device that will be able to eliminate the chances related to the lagging.

Up-To-Date drivers

If you are one who isn’t a regular PC gamer, then it will be quite easy enough to forget to keep the graphic card drivers up-to-date. 

In addition, if you are one who has already tried altering important in-game settings of video & updating the driver, then one will have to make changes in the League or Window itself.

The elder scrolls game has been in play since 1994, with numerous updates and innovations keeping the game alive. The original storyline is a bit different from what it is now, and the graphics have been changed as well. 

You have got to keep with the times after all. But the real transformation began when the game started to use its namesake, elder scrolls, as the chief driver of the storyline. Up until then, it was mainly concerned with questing. 

So what exactly is an elder scroll? And since when did it become central to the storyline of the game is what we tackle here today in this article. 

What is the elder scroll?

Elder Scrolls are ancient objects, more primordial than the gods of Tamriel. As it says in the storyline, these scrolls were not created by Aedra and Dadra. The scrolls are essentially prophetic but vary from reader to reader. 

For some it may speak of the past, for others, it may talk of events that have not happened yet. When the prophecy in the scroll has come to pass, it becomes set in stone and will then be consistent for the player afterward. 

When did they become important?

With the 5th series of the game, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, the most important use of the elder scrolls came into being. Subsequently, the scrolls have gained more and more important with each new series that is released. 

Moth priests dedicate their lives to deciphering the text of the elder scrolls, yet they are frequently turned blind by its power and how often they read it. Some may even go insane. 

The elder scrolls are the most fascinating piece of lore in the game. If you wish to know more about them, check out this elder scrolls online guide. It is an online guide to the elder scrolls that will provide you with more information on these priceless artifacts. 

Unlike, the previous years, we are all in such a situation, where we are not able to go outside with a free mind and at the same time, we are all bored and lethargic to spend our days in the four walls of the house.

What are some of these games? – So, to curb this mindset, the time has come to check one of the top multiplayer games PCThis 2021, we are not going to allow this pandemic to reign on our parade.  Sometimes, in our lives, we just need an intricate design of gameplay with mind-blowing visuals and schemes that will assist us to find some of the top multiplayer games on PC.

  • War games – These are usually the type of games that include violent graphics, threats, mafia, and guns.  This is not your usual dog fight but consists of military history, global superpowers, and vehicles knocking each other to demolish them.
  • Rifle shooting – These games are tactical, but have a lot of dimensions and features for the same.  This is gameplay where more than 5 players can be involved where they respectively choose their competitor and plan a match to either attack, defend, swap their weapons.  Based on the way they play; they will be held in ranks and shall be rewarded.
  • Sci-fi games – As of today, multiple games are segmented under this category.  This has an amalgamation of contents that are both lustrous and dangerous at the same time.  This game allows one to understand team spirit, discover new variants, cope with each other’s failures and make it till the end.


So here it is, these are some of the top multiplayer games PC where there is enough official to unofficial things as well role plays that take place which makes gaming entertaining.

In case you have any internal debate regarding Battle pass and V-Bucks, then one needs to pay close attention to several important things. If you are looking for an account where you will able to get a significant amount of resources, then you should find out the best platform where you can easily get Fortnite Accounts for Sale. It has become a monumentally popular and free-to-play game. A lot of players are also spending real money on such a great game. According to the professionals, there is only one thing in the fortnite that you can purchase with real money is V-bucks 

V-bucks are always spent on the important items that will able to change the visual appearance of the character without altering the actual skills of the players. Among the things one will able to purchase via V-Bucks, Character models emotes, and skins for the default weapons. To know why you must invest money in Fortnite then one should read the following important paragraphs carefully. 

Earn the V-Bucks

One will able to earn the V-Bucks for free by playing the game. It has become one of the great free-to-play games, and currency will surely come too slowly in the game that will be surely able to give you so many choices of the customizations. You can also spend the V-Bucks on the battle pass. Every season of the fortnite comes with a tiered ranking. If you want to become a star player, then you should play the game and complete the important challenges that will surely enhance the tire rankings in the game. For Every tier you unlock, you will able to get something in the game. XP booster and new skin will enhance the leveling in-game.

Wrap Up

One can also buy the Battle pass for a given season that will surely enhance the Tier rank at a slower rate.

Every trading Pokemon card considers a similar pattern, though every game has its own set of challenges, and players need to fit these challenges if they require to set up a successful or fortunate deck and win gaming battles. The Pokémon TCG involves collecting and often using resources to carry out the term of energy cards.

 Trainers must balance these resource cards when spending and evolving their Pokémon cards in battles with rival trainers. There are many ways to do it so that might seem a bit overwhelming at first.

Favorable tips and tricks

As the new trainer advances step by step, everything is easier than it seems. Here are some basic skills to get started with card games:

  • Learn The Rules

Before forming a deck or purchasing cards, any trainer should be familiar with the basics of the game. The ultimate goal of any Pokémon TCG duel is to defeat your opponent. There are many ways to meet the victory criteria. But all of these strategies involve playing Pokémon cards on your board and providing them with the necessary energy cards to take turns.

  • Execute A Strong Offense

When attacking, the active trainer card can use one of its rounds. Each of these steps requires energy input and sometimes different standards. A symbol means that one energy and two-two energies are required and so on. Read the details of the attack carefully as some of them can lead to catastrophic results. 

Accept each defeat and determine what caused it. It will help all coaches improve their decks and strategies, which is a necessary part of any trading card game. To become the best individual player, the coach has to give everything. For more fun and exciting details, click the link