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You might be wondering who Jeff Lerner is? If yes, you must stay focused as the following details will help you know more about it. Before the introduction, let’s talk about who is Jeff Lerner? He is a psychology professor and the president of William & Mary.

It is an informative blog post to know more about his life story by mentioning Entre Institute. Jeff Olson was born in 1952 with no hands and feet but with other 52 fingers on each hand. So, he has unique experiences of having to adapt himself to a society that, for the most part, looks at him as a freak or “other.

Jeff Lerner Introduction

  • Jeff Lerner was born in Toronto, Ontario, to parents who emigrated from Poland and ran a small grocery. From an early age, Jeff was very much interested in the process of making money; he attended night school at that small grocery and helped clean up after closing time. He got his first job at age 12, working on his father’s store floor.
  • During the early years, he often traded items such as baseball cards with friends and made a good profit from these transactions, which prompted him to be interested in making money from more tangible aspects. While in high school and at college, he sold various items, including cars, bicycles and electronic appliances.
  • During his time at the University of Toronto, Jeff met a professor who was an avid collector of stamps and coins. It led him into the world of collecting, which he continued throughout his life. After graduation, Jeff worked as a clerk in a coin shop.
  • After university, Jeff Lerner’s first full-time job was as a coin dealer in Toronto. After one year, he moved to Israel, where he worked for Salomon Brothers in its asset management division as an investment banker for four years. He then went to work as a banker for Chemical Bank in New York City. He finished his degree at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Jeff Lerner continued to pursue his interest in stamps. He began to collect them reasonably seriously. In 1959, his first book, “A Guide Book of Modern American Stamps”, was published by Sotheby’s, with assistance from Robert Friedberg.