Category: Confectioneries

For vegetarians, our collection is filled with so many eggless, meatless, and even dairy product-free sweets as well. You can ensure this through the ingredients list in the description section of any candy. However, there is a separate section of vegetarian sweets under the dietary category of products

Vegetarian sweets do not mean that they are any less delicious or do not feel like an actual sweet but often taste even better than egg-based or meat-based candies. These plant-based sweets are combined with a synthetic edible food supplement to enhance the taste.

Several branded and popular sweets you would have not even realized are purely vegetarian such as candy kittens, harlbo rainbow range, lemon sherbets, many swizzles candies, etc.

Four Size Options For Custom Made Candy Packages

  • The first one is a 400gm pouch that allows you to choose upto ten different types of candies from a range of more than 100 sweets.
  • Then there is a 1kg pack that allows you to fill the pouch with upto 10 types of sweets, chocolates, fudges, and whatnot.
  • After this, there is a 2.5kg sweets pouch to be filled with at most 15 varieties of candy, allowing you to expand your selection of favorites.
  • In the end, there is a 7.5kg pouch in which one can fill 25 different types of candy easily. This is the maximum quantity for a single pick n mix pouch.

Buy Chocolates Or Candies In Bulk For Retail Or Occasions

If not satisfied with the quantity of these pick n mix pouches, you can order sweets online in bulk, ranging in sizes of jars, bags, or boxes. Usually, organizations order these large boxes or bags of special candies on certain occasions, or you can order them for your retail shop. We serve the branded jars of sweets at wholesale prices for retail or sellers that come in 3kg size usually.