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In March 2021, British Airways stated that they are reaching out on an agreement with one of the world’s most promising startups ZeroAvia. ZeroAvia is famous for their plan to develop the world’s first zero-emissions and hydrogen-electric engine that is going to power aircrafts around the world. The partnership between these two major organisations have laid the pathway for ZeroAvia to manufacture a product that can help the industry to reduce pollution and increase sustainability over time.

ZeroAvia’s 19-seat R&D is part of their major innovation that has already gathered a lot of attention from around the world. That is the reason why British Airways has joined hands with a Long-Term Sustainability Plan. The aviation giant has set a very ambitious goal of achieving zero carbon emission by the year of 2050. ZeroAvia has promised to offer the company with zero emission aircraft engines and materials that will contribute to the cause.

ZeroAvia has already made prototypes and demonstrations of hydrogen-powered engines that can reduce the fuel and maintenance costs by up to 75 percent. So airplane companies can now save more than 50% for every trip. They have become the first company in the world to achieve the milestone of making a commercial flight that has been powered by hydrogen.

ZeroAvia has secured a huge funding from the top companies in the world that include  Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Ecosystem Integrity Fund, Horizons Ventures, Shell Ventures, Summa Equity and SYSTEMIQ. The investors have totally contributed to a fund that stands at $24.5 million. ZeroAvia’s plan to make the aircraft industry emission free and reduce carbon emissions has skyrocketed. By 2024, they plan to deliver the first engine that will power a 50 seat segment aircraft.