Benefits of Using Instagram Marketing for Your Business and Tips to Get Going!

According to a recent study, the number of Instagram users has risen to 150 million users in just three years. This growth is even higher than that of Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. Instagram is mainly a visual marketing platform, and this is because of its features that include, photo sharing and video sharing. That means that photos of products or services offered can easily be communicated to the followers through videos and photos. Going by the cliché, a picture is worth than a thousand words makes Instagram a powerful channel for marketing your products and services.

You can leverage Instagram to:

A report done recently by Forrester Research said Instagram is 120 times more engaging than any other social media platform. That means that Instagram is the best platform for a business to engage with customers online, build a good relations and answer their questions. Also through Instagram you can share photos of a new product and ask customers for their feedback and thoughts on it. You should know the benefits of story insta to offer the success. The sharing of the feedback is great at the online platform. The social media will provide the desired results to the business people. The sharing of the pictures and video is great at the platform. The relations are excellent at the platform.

A way to discover new content through Instagram is through hashtags. When a person includes a hashtag on their Instagram post a link is created. You can, therefore, view all photos shared using that hashtag. For instance a business like an Italian restaurant can hashtag: “Italian dishes” fans of Italian food will share photos via this hashtag with their friends and families hence marketing the restaurant to more people. The restaurant can also decide to use hashtags popular in their local area to find new customers locally.

 It can be used for viral marketing through other social media platforms:

One major beauty of Instagram is that, when you post a photo through the Instagram app you can post it to Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and other social media platform. This gives you a marketing leverage to all social media customers. Therefore, you are guaranteed that your product or service will get maximum exposure quickly.

Here’s some tips on how to get your business up and running with Instagram:

  • Use Instagram Profiles to Reach More Audiences

A business should use its Instagram profile to tell its story, there should be a balance between business photos, call to action photos and fun images. Photos of the business staff are also ideal as this gives potential clients more confidence in your business due to staff appreciation shown by you posting their photos in your business profile.

A photo contest should be used by businesses to get more engagement from their followers. For example, an online shopping business might tell its followers to post items bought from the online shop. Some contestants who will be chosen randomly stand a chance to win a gift card worth $50 or other merchandise from the online shop. This simple strategy ensures that the online shop gets more Instagram followers or increases the number of its current Instagramfollowers.

  • Feature your customers in your business profile.

There is nothing more assuring to a customer like seeing photos of other satisfied fellow customers. A photo of a smiling satisfied customer in your business profile will go a long way in generating more customers to your business.

Instagram is a great platform for small business marketing; it gives a sense of closeness and confidence with the particular business to existing and potential customers.

If you need assistance with getting established on Instagram or need if you need help with ongoing Instagram marketing then contact us today.