Apply For Health Insurance After a Heart Attack

Heart Attack Coverage

Valid Health Insurance is needed after a heart attack Valid policy Needed, To work in many areas of Las Vegas for such jobs as food serving and food preparation, you must have a valid heart attack insurance. This is not just for Las Vegas but for everyone else as well. Just apply with us online.

Time Required to get a Card in Las Vegas

Up to twenty minutes.

Here’s How for Las Vegans

Everyone else should apply online with us!

When you are suffering with the health problems, then you need to learn about Health insurance services. These are available at the online site also to have the benefits. Anyone can apply for the insurance plans to have the best experience in covering of the health services. 

  1. Go to the main health center at 625 Shadow Lane or the East Las Vegas Public Health Center at 560 North Nellis, Suite E-12, between 8:00 a.m. and 4: p.m. Monday through Friday. Phone 702-385-1291 2. The fee is $35.00. 3. If you want your policy number on your heart attack insurance, you must provide proof of number. (Social Security health card or Driver’s License with SSN on it) 4. Apply for heart attack insurance by filling out the application form. 5. Childcare and adult group care health insurance policy, require a A vaccination and either a skin test or x-ray for tuberculosis. 6. You must attend a 60 minute health class and movie within 20 days when you apply for heart attack insurance.
  2. A temporary health policy will be issued until you complete the above health class. 8. You must apply to renew your health card every three years. 9. To apply for renewal the health card go to the Main Health Center or East Las Vegas Public Health Center listed above in item #1. 10. If the health card to be renewed is not expired and you have the health benefit card with you the renewal fee is $35.00. If the health card has expired, the renewal fee is $45.00 to apply for health card.

We will Accept You

These plans are insured by various A.M. Best rated insurers. Certain parts of the policy have pre-existing waiting periods while other do not. Please consult your licensed insurance agent. Tips:

Duplicate health policies can be obtained by showing your current heart attack insurance policy. The fee is $17.00. It doesn’t hurt to have a health policy, especially if you work a lot around liquids. Swell folks have had bad experiences in the past with faulty heart attack insurance. Welcome with arms wide open from us to you to real health insurance that will accept you for who you are.