African Cichlids And Betta Fishes

There is a diversity of species of fishes found in Africa and one such species is African cichlids. African cichlids are a family of fishes from various lakes in Africa. These fishes are found in multi-colors and they are very active and strong. African cichlids are commonly found in Tanganyika, Malawi, and Victoria Lake. Aquarists preferto have African cichlids in their aquarium. These fishes are available in many colors and patterns, so the aquarist can decide their preference from all the available options.

The average lifespan of African cichlids is 10-15 years of age. They are also famous for their interesting behaviors. They are very active and follow every movement outside their aquarium. Few times they also show aggressive behavior due to various reasons including, fighting for food and space, conflicts with other fishes of their species, etc.

Betta fishes are also well-known for being strong and aggressive. They can be easily detected through their bright colors and long flowing fins. Aquarists easily get attracted to Betta fishes because of their bright colors. Male fishes of these species have more bright color than female fishes.

Many times fish keepers want to put African cichlids and Betta fishes in the aquarium. That’s a bad idea! African cichlids and Betta fishes, both groups of fishes have a high temperament and they easily demonstrate aggressive behavior. Both types of fishes are very active and strong, therefore if these fishes are put together in an aquarium, there is a 100% chance that battle will happen!

Even if they survive together for a couple of days, in the end, the fish keepers have to separate them because of so much fight between them. Therefore, it’s preferable to put both types of fishes in different places to avoid any kind of conflict. Both the group of fishes is highly popular among aquarists, but they just can’t live together.