A Guide To The Elder Scrolls

The elder scrolls game has been in play since 1994, with numerous updates and innovations keeping the game alive. The original storyline is a bit different from what it is now, and the graphics have been changed as well. 

You have got to keep with the times after all. But the real transformation began when the game started to use its namesake, elder scrolls, as the chief driver of the storyline. Up until then, it was mainly concerned with questing. 

So what exactly is an elder scroll? And since when did it become central to the storyline of the game is what we tackle here today in this article. 

What is the elder scroll?

Elder Scrolls are ancient objects, more primordial than the gods of Tamriel. As it says in the storyline, these scrolls were not created by Aedra and Dadra. The scrolls are essentially prophetic but vary from reader to reader. 

For some it may speak of the past, for others, it may talk of events that have not happened yet. When the prophecy in the scroll has come to pass, it becomes set in stone and will then be consistent for the player afterward. 

When did they become important?

With the 5th series of the game, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, the most important use of the elder scrolls came into being. Subsequently, the scrolls have gained more and more important with each new series that is released. 

Moth priests dedicate their lives to deciphering the text of the elder scrolls, yet they are frequently turned blind by its power and how often they read it. Some may even go insane. 

The elder scrolls are the most fascinating piece of lore in the game. If you wish to know more about them, check out this elder scrolls online guide. It is an online guide to the elder scrolls that will provide you with more information on these priceless artifacts.