8:Mormon Proposition

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Running time: 78 minutes
Box Office: $99,851.00
Premiere: 2010 Sundance Film Festival.
Genre: Documentary
Directed By: Reed Cowan, Steven Greenstreet
Written By: Reed Cowan
Trailer: Click here.
It was 2008 year when California voters had been expected ponder on Proposition 8, a poll measurement that would change their state constitution in order to designate that matrimony was in fact lawful just coming from a man and woman, efficiently concluding any push to bring homosexual matrimony in California.

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Harsh Battle With Spin Propaganda

And as expected Proposition 8 was approved, the very first time voters from all around California had accepted the limitation of civil privileges legally, amongst many “noisy” proponents ended up being who else than associates of the Church of Later Day Saints, more well known to be the Mormons.

Their teams provided Twenty two millions of dollar for this cause. One of the most efficient ways of propaganda was advertising strategies meant for Porposition 8.

Also, it’s to be noted that a number of Mormon activists have taken part in inflammatory deinformation activities concerning the potential side effects of making homosexual union lawful.

Film-makers Reed Cowan & Steven Greenstreet analyze any possible role of the Mormon Church during the struggle versus same sex matrimony within the documented movie “8: The Mormon Proposition“.

Along with this, was the analyzing Mormon theorie on homosexuality. In all of this was included church approved techniques to to heal homosexuality, percentage rates of suicides involving homosexual teenagers in Mormon local communities, and the influence of misleading comments from Mormon leaders on Proposition 8.

Michael Moore Isn’t Anymore ‘The One’

Reed Cowan Steven Greenstreet producers

Reed Cowan & Steven Greenstreet at Sundance Film Festival attending premier of 8: “The Mormon Proposition”

Michael Moore might no longer be a least minor documentary film maker working today. An heavy-handed, intended non-fiction characteristic “8: The Mormon Proposition” at first look makes the critical famous Michael Moore together with his film and tv productions seem a bit refined and outdated…

Yet the main trouble with the movie is not only that it is so one side acumulated,  it’s also the fact that “8: The Mormon Proposition” is indeed inefficient & unproductive in a story telling perspective.
As if the film producers  entered the movie work with no certain path, apart from making an evident affirmation. Resulting in a end product – movie with a unfocused idea! The Co-directors Reed Cowan and Steven Greenstreet, helped by narrator Dustin Lance Black, presumably explored the amount of LDS Church leaders part in a CA, Los Angeles Matrimony Protection Act – more well known as Proposition 8.

By changing the California Constitution the act intended, by including a part proclaiming that “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” The act had been lapsed in by a popular election in Nov 2008, and at that time, SA, California as well as other towns ended up permitting same sex unions for a short period of time.

A MainStream Media HIT! – 8: The Mormon Proposition – More Than a Documentary

While in Utah, a previous TV news-men Cowan and Greenstreet in the June 2005 documentary “This Divided State” did an  interview with California & Utah activists. However they dedicate almost all the movie aiming fingers of fault one way, at the LDS Church! Never do the film-makers aim to grab the views of the seven million Californians who determined for Proposition 8 to be voted pro, neither the movie actually refer to precisely who backed and published the regulation to begin with.

It’s never even talked about that California legal courts might have upheld the procedure, whilst sustaining the credibility of same sex unions that took place prior to its penetration in the legal system beneath the so called “Grandfather” term. Furthermore, it’s rarely mentioned whether the actual film-makers attempted to find LDS Church representatives  feedback. Which is actually a quite obvious “footprint” of theirs.

Since a while from now, the movie is now available free online, enabled by our partners’ website for free streaming movies online. “8: The Mormon Proposition” is R rated featuring robust erotic vocabular, profanity, raw jargon as well as other open sex almost “filthy” talk,  language of degradation, insulting – several influenced by sexual orientation-, tough brutal symbolism with elements of police force beatings, riots, and additional non suitable words, individual references along with scenes illustrating  far from kind-polite interrogations.